This is my first entry.

This account has been created so I can comment without seeming like an anonymous stalker [but perhaps, I am one of those.]

Should posts be actually made [I don’t plan on posting much–if you really wish to read my most intriguing, skillfully crafted words, then you can go to my other blog.], they will include many square brackets and much passive voice because I like square brackets and passive voice, tyvm.

I cannot tolerate long fingernails [on myself].

I like seafood.

I do not wear visible logos on my clothing.

I have three pairs of Union Bay branded leg coverings of various lengths.

I find most celebrities only mildly attractive.

I think almond cookies taste like F major, though they’re kinda B major-ish now because they’re both disgustingly happy keys.

I do not have absolute pitch, to my dismay.

I always have pink rubber bands on my braces.

I have low cheekbones.

I have thick, unruly hair.

I occasionally spell favorite –> favourite.

I despise Abercrombie and Fitch–not the people who wear it [e.g. I do not automatically hate you simply because you wear the brand (though I do detest some people who happen to douse themselves in it)]–but what it stands for and what the company openly says.

If you cannot figure out who I am by this line, you probably should not.