Oy. I think the god of rain lost his calendar or something. Wasn’t it supposed to rain in APRIL? Isn’t it April showers bring May flowers? I blame global warming and Al Gore for there being rain on Latin Day–maybe the forecasters will be wrong this time or something–maybe the sedentary cold front will get a gym membership and hie itself to Nova Scotia or something.

No he comprado nada para mi mama para Dia de Madres!!! Ay caramba!!

On a Spanishy note, my family has agreed to go to a Spanish (Spain, like Iberia, like PHillip the Second) try paella because I did rather well on the National Spanish Exam. It’s a big jumble of seafood, meats, and vegetables on a mattress of saffron-colored rice, all in a huge flat pot. Think wok, but not as deep. Traditionally, paella is prepared by men. Muahahahah. 

Orchestra made me sad on Wednesday–I found out that my viola teacher would be permanently leaving. Earlier the same week, I decided to discontinue piano. I still play, obviously; I don’t even think I’m losing much by stopping lessons because usually, they’re unproductive, but the thought of going through a summer without structured musicalness is..foreign, to say the least.

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  1. Did rather well?
    Thats just about the understatement of the week! You aced the freakin thing! You got top in the state and 11th national wide! How dare you say you did rather well?!

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