Como se llama?

Very eventful week, this one.

I seem to have been selected by the Link Crew folks, in a process as mysterious as that of college admissions–there’s no way to know why they chose some, and not others. Methinks they tried to get a group that would look nice on paper, in statistics, though.

The training was on Thursday. Remember that game with the paper squares on the floor, with some representing turtles, and some rocks, and you had to get across it? The trick was to bend the corners of the turtles and crumple the rocks, so that there would be a clearly defined path. My Link Leaders never told me that–we ran out of time before we could finish. Really, I think kids who are ordinarily motivated would have a hard time ‘getting in to’ some of those games, particularly if they’re in random groups without their friends. And just think how interested and enthusiastic the lethargic, cafeteria-fry-eating kids would be!

Uh..Lock your backpack in your gym locker. People steal money.

Salsa dancing was fun today, albeit a little hot and difficult to follow if you couldn’t see the feet of the instructor. I enjoyed gyrating my hips and forgetting the steps when with a partner.


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