So I wasted away my entire evening doing nothing, and now I’m here to write about it.

Actually, I did practice viola (spiccato double stops are exhausting) and do some Spanish homework. For el primero time, no este sure what lengua deber use. Dwee said something, and my brain said, “Respond: What?/º=¿Que?” but I wasn’t sure which one to use! I ended up kinda choking, then sputtering, ¿Que?

Poor Dwee.

After that, I tried to find an excuse for my English final project, which is to examine a character from a book we read this year, and examine that character’s world view. I use the term “excuse” because I wanted it to be all musical and such–it’s less concrete, less literature-ey, and generally more impressive. Unfortunately, I had no intention of spending $3.95 on stupid sheet music of that song in the movie that that girly-looking guy was singing.

Then I went to, a Journal of Satirical Linguistics, and read this very entertaining article: Los Eres y el Erre. I was most amused to have read it in Spanish and caught almost some of the funny parts.

But the really wasteful segment follows. (Get it? Segment? Which is like seguir, which means to follow..)

As you may have been forcefully and repeatedly reminded and prodded about, the Sophomore class council had been selling spiffy T-shirts; Tie dyed ones were 15 USD, Black ones were 12. We were counting up all the money today, and people were like, “So dudes, our profit is like, per shirt. So like, do we know how many we like, sold? of like, each?”

I responded, “Well, we do know fo’sho’ that we took in 1483 USD.”

They said, “So how much of that is like, profit?”

Whilst our representatives were furiously typing up the orders onto some very organized spreadsheets, my eyes lit up with the passionate fire I have for mathematics, which I feed konstantly with logs and polynomeals. (Haha, Harmy’s punny today.) 

Diophantine Equation!!!!



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