Harry Potter is a liar.

Knowing that you have done something has nothing to do with whether you can do it again.

“Oh Hermione, don’t you see? I stepped out of the bushes and risked both our sanities because I knew I could do an extremely difficult piece of magic in the future, so I know that I can do it now, because I’d already done it!”

Yeah right.

“See, Harmy, you just did that floaty-bow-non-bumpy thing perfectly. Do it again.”

*makes huge squawky bow change*

“Hmm. You’re not trying. You just did it before. Try again. And keep your pinky over the fingerboard, for the 243rd time I have to tell you. And vibrate! And keep your fingers on the frog! And don’t do that swoopy slidy thing.”

*makes even huger squawky bow change*


*after seventeen tries, Harmy is suddenly able to play 2’s against 3’s exactly, as if she could always do it.”

“You got it! I’m supposed to be giving you a piano lesson, but uh..I had to eat, do my dishes, and feed my 3 cats–I’ll be right in. Do it again.”

*miserably fails and does a stupid uneven dotted attempt at 2/3’s*

Ahh, making fun of your own ineptitude is so relaxing. And a good way to avoid doing your Scarlet Letter essay.


4 thoughts on “

  1. hahaha I know what you mean. I used to do something like that during my violin lessons too. I’d get a technique down by complete luck, and I would NOT be able to repeat it. My teacher’s expectation rises, only to be completely let down…;

  2. Yeah, exactly! *mmummph.*
    3 against 4 is actually doable. 5 against 6 is what makes me hate Chopin for making a piece that I otherwise would be able to play unplayable.
    Hehe. Chopin=Chopsticks.

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