Adieu, adieu.
Thou has taken .edu
as a mail extension
at a place of soggy water-retention

my wrist, my pinky
who else shall find them so stinky?
and leave my music completely re-written
while having my case warmed by a kitten

Diet Dr. Pepper is nothing like regular Dr. Pepper, but they’re both repulsive, like Roger Chillingworth. And they’re better tasting warm. Therefore, I scrapped my philosophical “visual-rondo” of Ethan Frome and chose to make an abstract statue of ol’Chilly out of aluminium cans. [haha, I said aluminium.] I’m gonna glue him together with hot glue, then fill all the cans with water and freeze it. Hopefully, it won’t thoroughly thaw out by 7th period.

Dwee and I made a delightful pasta thing for lunch today. We threw together wholesome fresh ingredients and then adulterated their natural souls with a packet of burrito-flavoring mix, which contained MSG, disguised under two names.

Oo-I tried a milkshake! Since it was made at an establishment not known for quality desserts (Dip Top, bleaugh), I think I’ll give it another chance. But really, its repulsive simplicity made me want to fully recognize my closet-lactose-intolerance.

World Cup soccer/football is a great way to learn geography in other languages. Ecuador, anyone?

Gee. I have to keep drinking these Diet Dr. Peppers. My bladder’s never handled any quantity of anything this artificial before, so uh..I hope the poor poorly-elastic thing holds up.


4 thoughts on “

  1. i thought it was central america? does that count as south america, though?
    anyway- who won? poland or ecuador? (i’m polish. i’m not an athlete, but i have a tiny itsy bitsy bit of pride. and the same amount of curiousity.)

  2. According to the CIA World Factbook, Ecuador is south of Columbia and north of Peru, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Would that still be central america?
    I’m not sure who won, though.

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