Have I ever mentioned that my printer settings somehow changed themselves to Portuguese? And Portuguese is just as illegible as any other Romance language I don’t know (yet, more legible than the tiny print in those medicine packets), particularly with those nasaley o-shaped things. *imprecise*

Roger Chillingworth (s) confused Ms. Hill today. The presentation went well until it got so cold in the room that Rc (s)–> Rc (g), and it made this huge endothermicness, and the room got even colder so that Ms. Hill’s pen froze and she couldn’t write comments. Then, all that Rc (g) started condensing, and boy, did we get some Rc steam burns. It makes a hot glue gun seem like cornish pastries. But then, all that Rc (l) started staining people’s clothes and dripping off their eyebrows, which made a huge mess. The purple goo kinda smelled too; must’ve been the reaction between Dr. Pepper, Rc, and Minute Maid. Jeez. I’ll stick with painted foamboard sculptures next time.

Summer approaches. Dwee headed off to el hospital por mi para hablar con las personas en el departamento de trabajo voluntario (?), y el hombre alla estaba deslumbrado al oir que yo tenia interes en dermatologia. Quizas no hay un departamento de dermatologia muy grande, y puedo push around gurneys with Pellen in post-surgery?

Also, I’m thinking about ordering the NYTimes for the summer. They probably still have the introductory offer, but which should I order: the kind that gives you the weekends only, or the weekdays only? [I’ll probably have neither time nor gumption to read all 7 days. Besides, that’s expensive.]

3 thoughts on “

  1. I actually understood most of the Spanglish!
    Order the weekend only. The Sunday one is packed with tons of articles to keep you busy for the week and those pretty real estate pictures are a nice sight once youve been staring at small print for so long. It’s cost friendlier too.

  2. waaait, how big was this Roger Chillingworth project?!
    Order the weekends only. I had the 7-day plan for a bit, but then I’m way too lazy to read all of’em (plus there’s nothing that’s really worth reading). I have the NYTimes for the weekends right now!

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