After the not-so-scary math final (“mild,” lo describio sra. Redmond) today, I discovered a weird bruisy thing on my chin, about the size of a shriveled lima bean. [Maybe 1 cm long; .75 cm wide.]

So how does one get a bruise that small, out of all places, on her chin! It’s not like I walked into a doornail or got punched by a really small fist (look, synecdoche). And it is not a dirtpatch. Actually, it looks like a viola hickey, but in the wrong place.

Some non-academic things I learned this year:
I cannot afford to be passive.
I cannot afford to be lazy.
Peace and quiet are awful things to get your family used to, if you still like your instruments.
“And I’ll know my song well before I start singing.”

I met my new viola teacher today. She’s officially the first music teacher that I have met to have dogs; two large-ish ones. I must admit that I like cats better; they fit in cases nicely.

A google search for “American Chemical Society high school exam” (sans quotes) yielded no premade 80-question final exam, but it did spit this out: Olympiad. It gave my brain this awful feeling of, “Hey, I think I was supposed to know this…wait…too lazy to retrieve. *goes to eat more ginger cookies* Nope, still not gonna tell you about entropy. I’m still eating.”

Habra calorimetria en el examen final? Espero que no este. [Look, multitasking!]


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