Haec mulierem edi.

I wore my theobromine shirt today, and it didn’t make chemistry any more fun.

Not that it was very hard, but there were definitely things that we skipped over, which bothered me. Like the one about making ammonia and how to move the equilibrium toward the product side–it could be solved with common sense (and a huge dose of confidence, which most people in our class don’t have), but that was a definite La Chatelier Principle one; couldn’t be more giveaway what concept it was testing. And we didn’t do it! El professor was like, “So there’s this principle..but *insert silent mental cursing about CAPT and our stupidity*..unfortunately, we haven’t the time.

Latin. Ugh. Manic bubbling, scribbling translation, then sitting there for half an hour. I’ve been going through a process of pillow trying, and they aren’t very good for sleeping on. (Personally, sleeping is more important to me than the perfect spinal alignment.)

[[[defessissima sum. iam non prandium edi.]]]


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