Yum. Potato.

After making this thing, I’m convinced that nearly any vegetable, when cooked with any combination of garlic, ginger, and maybe scallions, will turn out pretty palatable. I got the basic recipe from an Indian cookbook from the kids’ section of the library, and since my mom didn’t want to buy any more spices (“just use the curry powder!”), this was the only thing I had all the ingredients for. Granted, I’m open to skipping and twisting recipes when they’re ridiculous, obscure, expensive, fatty, republican, etc., but since spices seem to be a distinguishing factor of Indian food, I decided not to mess with them.

Strangely, this potato+pea thing didn’t taste like any figment of what I thought Indian food was supposed to look or taste like, at all. It tasted downright Chinese–it was even made like it. Actually, all the recipies had the same simple culinary structure as Chinese food (heat oil, add “aromatics”, brown; add foody stuff; salt; serve.) Maybe it was because I scraped out all the spicy parts of the green pepper, thus disposing of any spiciness that may have distinguished it.

Also, it had no meat in it. Usually, we (or my mom) puts little julienned sticks of meat into everything we eat, for flavor. This had no meat, and it still tasted ok. Maybe it was the skins on the potatoes–I left them on because the potatoes were shriveled (impossible to peel), and nearly supporting their own ecosystems. There were hideous little sprouts, purple-green, like a crystallizing solution of Barney, and bugs were living in the bag where the potatoes were.

Lately, I’ve been reading over old pieces, and generally anything else that looked easy enough. “Reading” doesn’t denote the freakishly tempo-consistent thing string players (and other competent musicians) do; for me, it’s more like an American using an abacus and trying to balance Enron’s books. Mozart actually flows along for me (at several different tempi), except when those little accidentals pop out or the rhythm does something funny. Bach’s 5th English (?) suite was also surprisingly non-crash+burn, though it still was pretty bad. Other than that, I’m still fiddling with the WTK because it’s awethumb.

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  1. Okay so this is reallly random but… I LOVE your name ([Xe].4f14.5d1.6s2). That’s awesome.. so much that I had to go find my periodic table to look it up. Very clever! (Are you going to Marrowstone again this summer?)

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