Happy Independence Day!

I’ll never say “Fourth of July” the same way again…

Lactic Acid
rushing through the legs
spreading through the pain
But I trod on
peddling just the same
the anesthetic

Of the mind,
Of the nation

Legs beginning
to become insubordinate
Dangling misplaced
on a modified bike
No wheels to roll
but something whirrs contentedly
then Coca-cola


While you could possibly pick out some social commentary here and there, I haven’t bothered to refine it. Essentially, they’re my reflections on using a recumbent stationary bike. 

Maybe it says that we live in a nation deficient in mitochondria (intellect/good educational system/proper healthcare/?), but we deal with it by using a less efficient and less sophisticated method of..thinking? And people ignore it, hoping that it goes away; meanwhile, they make themselves feel good with canned ‘n’ planned imitations of life and fantasy. Biologically, you do get more mitochondria with more exercise. 

Then I contradict by making the legs “insubordinate,” having “no wheels to roll,” a phrase that could mean that the nation feels helpless and un-empowered, and immediately after, I say that they’re contented because they can pretend to self-improve or “make the world a better place” by “perspiring,” then making themselves inert and enslaved to the big corporations by drinking a fructose-laden, carmel-colored, carbonic-acided brew.

This weekend, I’ve eaten more cholesterol at a rate higher than a human should ever attempt. It started with an egg custardy thing, then my dad, like normal males, not having evolved highly sensitive “shopping strategies,” well-intentedly but mindlessly bought 12 pounds of lobster, of which I’ve consumed my 1/4. (That’s like…1/35 of my total mass, yo.) According to the Yale-New Haven hospital, 3 oz. of lobster has 61 mg of cholesterol. 61*16=…976 mg. Hahaha.

I start volunteering tomorrow! Still don’t know what I’m doing–should I learn about a field of medicine, or get myself a marketable skill by working in the gift shop? Pitifully, I have few marketable skills. I can shelve books, chop stuff, act as a decent 1.5 way translator if I really tried, and maybe assemble stuff given a diagram and much time, but those are niche-ish skills. Cash registering. Now, that’s something that’ll get you a job anywhere, albeit it might not have benefits or be enough to support any sort of family.

My report card has not come, igitur, annus sophomororum non in finite iam est. [We’re not done being sophomores yet!] Cum accedat (when it comes–look–cum circumstantial subjunctive!) I’m thinking about taking it to Chuck E. Cheese’s and/or Krispy Kreme to see if I can get free stuff for “good marks.”


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