I went out to get the mail today, and, lo and behold, another campaign advertisement from one of the 2 Democratic primary candidates. Now, as a brutally pretentious marketing commentator, I’m always like, “Yeah? 83% of women thought they looked better after trying your lip-plumping serum? That’s cuz they paid $30 USD for a vial of it, and they’d like to think that they spent it well,” or preaching about how statistics can lie.

But on this Ned Lamont thing..:”Joe Lieberman has voted for every one of GB’s harmful and unfair trade agreements that has sent good-paying jobs overseas.”

I’m confused. Shouldn’t it be “well-paying?” “Well” would modify “paying,” meaning that it pays decent wages. You wouldn’t say, “My job at MCD pays real good.” [Well, you wouldn’t say that a MCD job pays well, either.]

EDIT: I called their headquarters asking about their use of an adjective to modify a participle and got the answer of, “Do you see that little number? That means that it came from a news article. An actual news article.” Heh. But the little number at the bottom refers to a U.S. Senate vote, not an article. *chuckle*


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