Hehe, I never got to reflect on my beating up a big red guy.

The big red guy!

We got to do 3 simulations: the first was a warm up, where the aggressor would grab one’s arm, and we’d have to get him to let go, then run through an “exit” marked by 2 bright yellow half-spheres.

One of the more important parts of our class was that, as you punch/kick/headbutt, you yell, “NO!” in order to maintain steady breathing when fending off a baddie. I kept forgetting to yell, and I actually didn’t yell at all during the third simulation.

In the second, we pretended to be at an atm and the aggressor was the typical “PECUNIAM SUAM MIHI DA (GIMME YO’ DOUGH)!!!” I think we were all bearhugged from behind..

In the third, to simulate a surprise attack, we kept our eyes closed and body still while the big red guy “talked trash” at us, then requested that we go to his abode. Naturally, we’d refuse, forcing the aggressor to kidnap us. I got knocked down to the ground.

Spectacularly, Dwee got lifted up completely; to return to Earth, Dwee delivered an excellent reverse headbutt to the dude.

Basically, during the trash-talking, he read our shirts and made obnoxious questions at the subject matter–others in the class reported this as “scary,” but, after the class, I realized that I’m..really used to the obnoxious questions from people like..”One who believes in a dominant monotheistic religion, Son of Peter.” [Translate into familiar name.] Ahh, good times.

Salirá para China en tres dias; las maletas estan hechas por mi mamá; solo nuestras ropas estan por haciendo. Unfortunately, my bladder is as miniscule as the leg room in economy class seating, and restrooms in China are about as rare as not becoming dehydrated on a 13 hr flight.


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