Woah, LJ comes in Chinese.

Teehee, greetings from the land of smog and pure, unadulterated soymilk. None of that Vanilla-flavored, seaweed-thickened Kirkland stuff.

I think I’ll skip the extensive journaling this trip. I wrote a few pages on the airplane; I’ll post those, but I think I’ll include only the highlights, or something. Perhaps with pictures.

I got my schedule, or actually, Dwee got it and told me over the phone. I still get Narden, magister bonus et gracilissississimus, non magister maximus Smurthwaite. Yay! And Mr./Mrs./Sasquatch/Ms./Drs. Jacobs, Lieberman, Lengyl (sp), Clifford, Silva, and Polisson. Eh.