People say that babies and the youngest children made the best philosophers because they constantly question, take nothing as a given, and have not conformed to society’s methods of reasoning.

People also say that old people are the wisest, given their accumulation and assimilation of life experiences.

So why does neither group have the faculty to command respect and/or effect change from the middle group, the theoretically dumbest but in reality, fittest and most powerful? Babies can’t talk; old people look stupid because they tend to trip over stuff and nap often.

Is it better to confidently say, “I’m not sure” in an isolated situation, or to say, “My mind’s not the sharpest” altogether?

To me, the former is like saying: “From these data and my 1337 calculator stat skillz, I have a +/- 10.% error.” [look, decimal point after the zero=2 sigfigs!]

To me, the latter is akin to: “Well, I didn’t even bother to really collect data; I know that I got a really cruddy balance, and my graduated cylinder was kinda uncalibrated, and since I ran out of filter paper, I used Kleenex.”