Qitaque: And so, the others…
ita=so, -que=and, “qi ta”=others <—Lhinese! (latin/chinese) XD

I gave myself a crick in the neck this morning, and my achille’s tendons hurt from sodding around in the pool en pointe. Since there was a nice massage thing in the building, I was all, “Ok, let’s go see if they can relieve the neck spasm. The chiropractor just pushed something and it went away, so the people here should be able to do it just as easily, since they’re Chinese and all. (j/k)”

Hah. I forgot how ticklish I was–there was a whole lot of slapping and squishing, and at the end, the massager decided to apply a generations-old neck twist to relieve the spasm, but it gave me a sore eyebrow somehow. I enjoyed the arm rubbing part, though–that part is neither ticklish nor delicate.

I let go of a rope over water today! (the sort of diving where you grab a rope and let go, that is.) It was fun going into water that wasn’t so shallow that one can touch the bottom–the rest of the pool is depressingly and dangerously shallow. At one part, it’s like have a huge overturned bowl in the middle–the slope has made me fall over many times.

I also went into the ocean. Now, as coast-huggers, it’s not such a rare occurence to dip a few toes into LIS, but one would never actually submerge oneself in the muck. The last natural-water-hole I’d entered was a lake in the middle of Vermont. Therefore, I was quite shocked to discover that the water was salty–I had just gotten bored with the pool and decided to see where else I could get wet.

Oh–I also sunburned. Curse. I thought I’d gotten enough melanin-genes to ward that off–when I first realized that my shoulders were itchy, I thought it was a rash, since I do tend to rash easily. [Remember after those intense gym-class runs?] Now I know that I actually have to use sunblock..>_<

The white people are funny here. [I don’t observe the non-white ones; there’s too many and they all look the same. (j/k)] I can never tell what language they’re speaking; my language lobes are so confused right now that basically everything sounds like Chinese, Russian, or Arabic, even though I’ve never heard much of the 2nd or 3rd.

There’s a pair who like to bake around in the sun all day, dancing with each other intermittenly; there’s a pair of children who get lopped off at the daycare every day.

The elder of the pair seems to perpetually be at the computer; the younger seems to enjoy cartoons. Both like to screech “Ah yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!” at earshattering frequencies, in a room with more parallel sufaces than an spatialIQ test. Their screeching resonates like a well-played instrument but is worse-sounding than the playing of a public-school-taught “aspiring musician.”

There’s also a pair of women–one’s heavy, and there other is probably the thinnest healthy person I’ve ever seen. There’s a perpetually-downcast girl who reminds me of a PCP cabinmate.


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