So Pluto got demoted to a dwarf planet by the vote of a panel?

Seems almost like how Jesus was promoted to Godliness by a vote, a la Dan Brown.

According to the article I found, Pluto has been demoted after “years of intense debate.” 

How come no one ever told us about this? We learned that the protein jackets of viruses have been found to reproduce themselves without genetic information, and may be the first of that sort that we’ve found; we learned that Thomas Jefferson may’ve had an affair with “Dusky” Sally Hemmings, and that he might not be the pristine character upon the white pony.

Though I became fascinated by a book called The Planets in 1st grade and felt like an absolute expert when they properly “taught” us the planets a year after, no one’s ever mentioned the debate regarding Pluto’s planet-worthiness. Why not? It’s fascinating stuff. There’s planets, and then there’s dwarf planets. It would’ve taught us another lesson in diversity: not all rocky things in the solar system are like Earth, plantety planets. Some can be smaller, less powerful, be really “far out” or “eccentric” and be classified as dwarfs, but they revolve around the same sun as us and deserve recognition.

And now, I hear that kiddies won’t really learn about Pluto’s change until 2010, when schools can finally cough up enough to get new textbooks. Even then, teachers may still speak with a skeptical nostalgia about “the planet that used to be” without mentioning the distinctions between various icy lumps in the universe.