This summer I ate:
1. Egg salad
2. Camel meat
3. Donkey meat
4. Goose liver?
5. And lots, and lots of pig ear, except it’s been given the name of “Thousand crunchy layers.”

I was complaining to my mom today about my utter lack of creativity and elicited this very entertaining and liberating response:

“Oh, then just be a doctor. Memorize stuff and make sure you don’t operate on the wrong part, that’s all.”

Look out folks, here’s Harmy comin’ at you, wielding a scalpel.

Gasp–Yesterday, I decided to open up my brand new Henle edition of Bach’s English Suites. The spine broke. Cracked like Africa (you know, because it’s on 2 diverging plates.) Split like the Church in 1517. Crumbled like a mung bean cake. Maybe it didn’t like being on an airplane.

Maybe it needs a chiropractor.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Oh, but it was mysterious and placed between two very alien-textured pieces of white bread!
    Thinking about it now, the texture of goose liver is very similar to that of egg salad, except it’s warm and flavorful instead of cold and eggy.

  2. Re: When is the fish,
    Quien eres?
    Êtes-vous le poisson? Avez-vous mangé les poissons?
    Contesteme, o te envenenare.
    [‘cuz in the second like, “poisson” looks like “poison,” and in the third line, I said, “Answer me, or I’ll poison you.”]
    But anyway, the fish is all too flat!

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