There’s no such thing as too much cinnamon.

Last night, a lady called me and asked me to play in a quartet! It was so shocking and thrilling that my pinky isn’t curling up in shame anymore.

So School. I’ll categorize like Linnaeus to make this easy.


AP Chem-It’s exactly the type of class I love. Dynamic teacher, a sense of camraderie among students, and timing cellphone dingalings because the stopwatch that beeps for 2 seconds got eaten.

English-Dr. Liberman is terrific, both in the “reel kewl” and “omg, tengo mucho temor” senses. Sure, there’s work, but there’s learning too, so I’m fine with that.


Spanish-He started off the year with an absolutely boring day, then wasting an entire day, then telling us that a 2 on an AP is nothing to sneeze at; however, people tell me that he likes to cook. Maybe he’ll bring food someday. :-D

Latin-It stinks that Ms. Narden doesn’t let people work on other classes’ stuff (even when the Latin alternative is a crossword puzzle), and that, out of respect for her, I refrain from trying to work on other classes’ stuff.


Math?-Same as usual, ‘cept the part of my brain named “Algebra II” is as linty as the underside of Dwee’s bed.

Gym-I moved up to B gym this year. Grin!!!


History-Definitely haven’t studied history as closely before.