The Harmster received two gratas litteras in the mail today! One (in an unnecessarily huge envelope) said that she made it into orchestra; the other gave proof of her 56 volunteer hours and 2 movie tickets. =D

School is good. The day flies, with the exception of latin and spanish. Luda latinae argutias non tenet, y la clase de espanol es una recitacion de lo que mi professor aprendio de psicologia. Hoy, aprendimos de las etapas de ninos.


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  1. Really? That’s too bad–I could swear that my part was D major, all simple rhythms and not too many accidentals, so it probably wasn’t Firebird or the hard part of anything. Weird–maybe they have sympathy for violists or something.

  2. yeah, i was thinking it didn’t go too bad, but then what’s her face came out as i was leaving and asked me if i had played a really long rehearsal before my audition. and i’m like. nope.

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