I do not understand why we took so many notes on translations/function fun stuff in math class today. It is one thing to legitimately get the class to use the same vocabulary, but it seemed weird to be so extensive on common sense things. Of course if you wrap g(x) inside f(x), g(x) has to exist, and therefore f(x)’s domain is restricted. But geez. My turquoise marker’s running out.

I’ve gotten strangely used to writing in cursive. Printing is almost irksome, wavy and no longer appealing, but I think cursive ticks teachers off.

I tried Ben and Jerry’s American Pie ice cream today. As you might know, Harmy loves anything apple/cinnamon, so she got it from the store. Part of the proceeds were supposed to go toward supporting education, so she actually paid full price.

http://www.benjerry.com/americanpie/ <–I wanted to put a picture, but it was all flashy instead of HTMLy, and I didn't want to do the whole screenshot/crop/photobucket shabang.

It wasn't that good. The ice cream was kinda white and rubbery, with a pungent flavor of apple liqueur, and the apple chunks blended into the ice cream's texture. Pie crust pieces were good but not plentiful enough. What disappointment.

**sidenote: the best cinnamon ice cream I've tasted was at Mallard's, in Bellingham, WA. There's chili powder in it. :-D

Harmy needs to pare down her extracurriculars. After much deliberation, it stands as such:

1. Infinite Possibilities
2. Trident
3. Orchestra/vla
4. Math team
5. Student Government

More pondering needed.