Today was not my day.

Good news:

I’m principal viola.

Bad news:

I’m the only viola.

Not that I really worry about being all alone, because I know that I can learn the music and then force some sound out of my instrument, but I have a feeling that they’re going to recruit from every viola teacher there and give my chair to someone who’s been playing violin for 6 years and then decided to transfer to viola because someone told them to and therefore has infinitely superior technique/sound. [wow, what a sentence.] I’m passive-self-pitying-competitive, I guess.

Worse news:

My GPA, as it stands, is somewhere (0, 2.5]. I’m doing mediocre (but still in the A range) in math and science, but my..liberal arts? are a different story. I have a B? in history; I take responsibility for that–it was completely my fault. I feel that I can bring it up–I like the class. However, I wrote a horrifically rambling, poorly organized essay for Dr. Liberman today. Usually, essays are difficult in that I can’t get my thoughts into words, but this time, I had no idea what to think. It was not a difficult prompt; rather, I didn’t process it well.

The essay is damning in two ways: 1. Bad impression. Indelible. 2. Dr. Liberman, good teacher as she is, is not scared of failing people. A B or B- can be raised. [I did that last year in Precalc.] An F is difficult, particularly in her class.


Dr. Liberman also says that she rewards good rewrites. Maybe that also means that she rewards improvement? Or an attempt at a spectacular take-home essay. Or maybe I’ll get a D next time, and continue linearly.

Dwee got picked for jury duty. :D That’s funny.

Molybdenum, anyone?

6 thoughts on “Today was not my day.

  1. what do you think of the conductor and the orchestra? i heard you play a solo (in the glinka i think) and it sounded great!!! you have a very full sound.
    since i’m now reading your life’s story via LJ, i meant to say hi and introduce myself to you today, but with all the chaos i just didn’t get a chance! i wanted to actually talk to you and hang out a bit. but perhaps sometime in the future?

  2. Aww-Thanks! A full sound was something my teacher really focused on.
    I think the conductor’s ok–I haven’t known that many, but she ranks in the middle, at least with first impressions. The orchestra’s grown and changed so much–so many new faces.
    I’m definitely up for hanging out sometime–and if you ever need a third backup librarian, I’d be glad to help, even if I might be a smidge old.

  3. Whoa, slight deja vu. Ms. Staak showed me my sophomore GPA and i was all O_O” Anyway…
    You know you’re smart and you are not going to fail Liberman’s class. If you fail then theres no hope for the rest of us little people who rely on your great pool of knowledge to keep us afloat. Also, the marking period isn’t even half way done, so you have plenty of time to bring up your grade if you need to. So be happy!
    P.S. I owe you a lot of cough drops ^_^”

  4. Haha-I’ll take those apple cinnamon nutri-grains in exchange. ^_^
    And I feel at least a little better because I almost correctly answered a Chem problem on my second try and had tons of fun with a log(arithms) worksheet from math this afternoon.
    *whirls like a lamb sandwich*

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