I just spent part of my valuable morning finding the percent composition of the elements in my birthstone, which happen to include Copper, Aluminium, Phosphorous, Oxygen, and Hydrogen, and possibly nitrogen (but I don’t remember).

..Chem is eating my life.

[[Above post was auto-saved from Saturday, hence the present-ish tense.]]

As for now, Monday:

I just got back from my first “gig-ish” rehearsal. The assembled group was to play at a lawyer’s supper, and the lawyer’s wife is the first violinist. The lawyer, who does not appear to speak Polish, is married to his wife, who recently arrived from Poland and is not yet fluent in English. So I was a bit puzzled.

Anyway, we started reading stuff, really easy stuff, like the kind of music school orchestras play, the commercial stuff, the common stuff. Like Eine Kleine Nachtmusic. This reading went on for about an hour, during which the violinist (she had been a teacher) tried to get the 2nd violin to sit up straight and hold up her violin, the cello to ..do something, me to pizzicato “with sound, but not like Bartok”, and all of us to uh..stay on beat. She also shouted phrases such as “Open up!” “Play as if you were going to die tomorrow!” “This is your solo!” at the scrunching Vln2. Really, it reminded me a lot of my old viola lessons, and the whole quartet aspect reminded me of PCP (chamber camp).

But, alas, when we took our break, the violinist decided that as a group, we weren’t up to her standards, or “goals,” as her limited vocabulary stated. I quite admire how she practically taught us music even without complete grasp of all the terms–if I had to circumlocute like that..And so she decided that we weren’t going to perform. Additionally, not having become a citizen of “Praise every jangling, off-tune, unpracticed note that comes out of the student’s instrument”-land yet, she actually…criticized the cellist’s sightreading.

Man. I wanted to get paid!

Now I have to find something interesting to do that Friday night too. Actually, Dr. Liberman’s probably going to give me that interesting thing to do, but still..


Me: Dwee, I don’t wanna go to sleeep.
Dwee: Aw, c’mon, sleep is the best thing ever! I wake up every day just so I can go back to sleep!
Me: o_0 *guffaws*
Dwee: No, seriously!

Oh–the teakettle’s sinuses are fine again. It’s whistling like a champ.

3 thoughts on “

  1. LOL @ the lawyer couple XD! Whaaat What do you DO if you’re married and can’t even talk to each other properly? …Wait, I take that question back.
    If I can stop time, I’d sleep as much as I want oDo!!! *loves sleeping* My APUSH (rofl I love saying that for some reason) teacher keeps on giving us homework that takes away from my sleeping time though. Oh poo.

  2. Hahahahaha. I’m so Disney-deficient that it’s not funny, though I do think that Walter D. himself was a brilliant guy.
    The talking evil bat didn’t happen to hum folk tunes from the Hungarian countryside, did he?

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