I feel older. Being on the “upperclass” side of highschool tends to do that, I guess.

Orchestra was nice last night because I uh..actually practiced my part, listened to a recording, asked French-learners what stuff meant, and dilligently maintained the lydian mode through the little scaley things. And for spanish, I got to bring in Mr. Squishyfish for show and tell. Sina kidnapped him, demanding a ransom of my vote for him as VP of Democrat Club, but thanks to the Secret Australian Ballot, I could promise without any committment. Also, strings class was really good because the advanced people were allowed to seclude themselves in the practice room “corridor” and play chamber music. I got to look at the score, be amazed at its many lines, and be conductorish.

Senor SquishyPez forma un triangulo equilatero con sus aletas!

Then, I had a math meet today! The problems felt easy for me, but they must have been objectively easier because all the other schools did much better. [Logic may be flawed..] There were also some that I couldn’t figure out why I got wrong, and the team round was rather hard. There was one question about people swimming laps at different speeds, and it made me think about triplets against eighths and Faure and all that depressing stuff.