antediluvian: before the great flood
prelapsarian: before the great fall, like before Adam/Eve got kicked out

trepan: either something to drill/cut skull with, or to a trick (or one who tricks.)

avuncular: relating to an uncle (mother’s brother)
materteral: relating to an aunt (mother’s sister)

sobriquet: epithet, nickname

kopos: fatigue
kopophobia: fear of fatigue

nomos: law
anomy: social instability resulting from a breakdown of standards and values

chthon: world
autocthonous: native, like in your own world

hidros: sweat
hidrosis: condition of sweating too much

oikos: house

xantho: new Latin, yellow
ochros (ochroi): Greek, pale
Xanthochroi: White person with yellow hair! Like..Maestro Kilburn!

pilgarlic: a bald head (..more conductors), a bald-headed man. OR a man looked upon with humorous contempt or mock pity (..Senor Silva?)

coillon: Middle English, “testicle”
cullion: a mean or base fellow.

Greek words are even more intimidating than latin ones, probably because there isn’t a country bordering us where people speek derivatives of vulgar Greek. But if I keep associating words with people, I shall learn them in no time!