Schrodinger: I’ll Take It! It’s for My Cat

Woman: Will this skirt shrink in the dryer?
Saleswoman: I don’t know if it’ll shrink. My friend said that in her experience it probably won’t. But sometimes it does. It depends. There’s no way to know. It either will, or it won’t.


Dude, that totally makes me want to name my cat Schroedinger. With the umlauts.

I watched a movie tonight! [Harmy doesn’t usually watch movies.] It was shot/made in 1969 (or 1970, according to IMDB) with Gene Wilder (Willy Wonka) and Donald Sutherland–Start the Revolution Without Me. Very Monty Python + Dumas + Frenchies. Worth a watch–not “quick, slap me, I can’t breathe” laughter, but keeps a consistent smile on the face. Oo–the music is awesome. Lots of little clarinet/bassoon funnies with a shockingly robust harpsichord motif.

Sr. Silva es el profesor mas estupido en el pronunciacion de espanol es pejor que la de algos estudiantes en la clase–“Si, puedes EARRRR a los servicios” o “Son estEWWWWdiantes muy buenos.” Que repugnante–en el examen AP, pronunciacion es muy importante. Para empeorar, su Ingles es extrano tambien–no usa el “L” bajo, como un Americano normal; con una lengua llana y alta, el articula un “L” de Inglaterra o Minnesota muy discordante. Y nadie lo respeta; el lo perdio en la primera dia de escuela, cuando explico, “No pienso que es un problema si toda la clase recibe una A o A-” mientras todas las otras maestras de AP estaban diciendo, “No se sientan triste si sacan C+’s.” El profesor perezoso casi nunca escribe examenes originales–hace fotocopias de los examenes en el cuaderno de ejercicios que no requiren ninguna originalidad o comprension profunda. Pasamos muchos clases no haciendos nada. Ay.

Peor aun, nos asigno un ensayo a mediados de Septiembre. Acaba de devolvernoslos. (haha–noslos.) Habia esperado que escribirira muchos comentarios de estilo y usos de palabras, pero el bobo parecio corregir solo el primer parrafo (o, y el pronuncia “PArrafo” “paRRAfo.”). Los demas ya remanen blanco, no marcados. Meeep! Como puedo perfeccionar y escribir mejor si no me dice nada??

It was..non frigidus in ludis footballibus. I had thought that to not freeze, I had to eat lots of cheese [rhyme!!], but it was fine. Of course, Jessie’s awesome hot chocolate only made everything funner.

Oh yeah! Watch this video! (I made it.)

Oo-this evening, I tried to polish my silver electrolytically. It wasn’t a spectacular fizzing and lifting of thousands of flocking flakes of black stuff, but the process did manage to loosen much of the tarnish so that I could rub it off with a paper towel. [However, there is the possibility that I could’ve rubbed it off with plain baking soda and paper towel even without the Al.] Essentially, you dunk baking soda, real aluminum foil, and silver stuff into really hot water. I think that more tarnish would have magically fallen off if my water had stayed hotter..

It’s amazing how much my standards have fallen this year. For example, the digits of my chem test mode have switched. Actually, I don’t quite know last year’s mode, but I do know the average, and the digits have indeed switched. Now, I’m not freaking about C’s in Liberman. That’s typical and expected. But when others in the class consistently A+ things, there’s not really an excuse, is there?

Stuff learned today:

PIE: Not only does it stand for Proto-Indo-European, but also Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion!
Usquequaque: Always! So..”I’ll be with you forever and for always” could be something like..”Stabam (or is it Stabo?) tecum usquequaque usquequaqueque.” Actually, I don’t think that works because forever is an adverb, always is a time? and usquequaque is only an adverb.

Latin would be awesome for rapping.

I was thinking about how I tend to rate days “soggy,” “happy,” “ok,” etc. It’s mostly useless and usually inaccurate, I reasoned, but day descriptions seem to make good entry titles.

I woke up slightly late, even though I had slept well last night. Usually, my brain decides that it’s “not really tired enough to go to bed yet” and I end up reading or listening to stuff until rather late. Last night, I didn’t. Rather ordinary.

I took the chem test, finishing with more than 20 minutes to spare. No big deal; I’m used to finishing early (like to fetch my water bottle), and they usually hadn’t many adverse effects. I checked my molar masses over thrice and sorta sat there, too lazy to check over my actual thinking process or check sigfigs. Checking thinking processes actually takes effort and strength of character because it forces you to occasionally recognize that the original method used was wrong, so I didn’t, and like the ironic characters we’ve been reading about, probably screwed myself over. Basically, I handed in the test all happy and confident, and then discovered how seriously I messed up on everything. Maybe I’ll bring myself to check methodology next time.

Latin, however, was beatissimus.

“‘What language did Catullus compose in?’ Wow, what a hard question,” said Ms. Narden.
“..greek?” responded the group.

So then it was after school. I was obligated to go to a Link Crew meeting though I had arranged to play in a quartet, so I went to the teachers on Wednesday and essentially asked to leave early. I don’t know if I was too indirect, but they never gave any clear indication of when people who had to leave could leave today. Instead, they wasted 15 minutes doing a stupid balloon “introduction” activity. Those 15 minutes could have been the difference between my missing the quartet (the room got taken over by the construction crew, and they left) and my meeting them. I don’t feel personally slighted by anyone, but I do feel that Link Crew was extremely inconvenient and inconsiderate today. Those lead-in activities are so canned; I’d rather have heard them directly expound on how lousy yet ..crucially important to the culture of the school.. we were.

On the bright side, I got to go to colorguard, which always brings sunshine [hahahaha] into my day.

Pickings from Harmy’s brain. and uh..Wikipedia.

PSAT’s were nice. Errmmm…and then I practiced viola until my deltoid got sore. Then I went to the evil-yet-necessary establishment of Westfield and ate lots of hi-fat-frozen-dairy-product, and went home.

Then I found cool stuff on the internet! My cheeks are glowing with glee right now.

1. Badgers badgers badger badger badgers. Restate: Badgers, whom other badgers badger, in turn, badger other badgers.

A crazier one is Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

2. Thomas Tallis! I heard him on the radio a few months ago. When I came upon the group “Early Music Turns Me On,” I realized that he was not some modernist minimalist crazy, but rather some English Catholic who survived the Reformation (or Henry Numero Ocho’s marital problems), and decided to research him. His music is happy and…happy, not to mention that it has Latin like all the other stuff written back then. Methinks I will poke Woodbridge Public Library to get some recordings of his stuff.


Harmy tanta somnola hodie UT (omg result clause) in carro scholae dormivit, et tunc, cum domus (locative! locative!) advenisset (cum clause!!), tres hora dormivit.

Harmy estaba tan sonolienta hoy que se durmio en el bus escolar, y entonces, cuando llego a casa, durmio por tres horas.

Harmy was so sleepy today that she fell asleep on the school bus, and then, when she got home, slept for another three hours.

Jin tian, Harmy hen quen. Ta dou zai xiao che shui le yi hui(r) [Harmy zai che shang shui shi yi ge hen shao jian de dong xi]. Ran hou, ta yi jin jia men(r) jiu ben chuang yun yun hun hun de zou. Ma shang shui zhao le.…yeah. Lack of syntactical knowledge in chinese=long sentences.

So this morning, I had planned to stay for chemistry “release period” to soak up all the questions and answers people were going to ask, but decided that really, I didn’t care so much about the problem set, and that I would be happier conducting Freshman strings. I love my stringies. I got to say “tutti,” “one measure for nothing,” and “celli.” *grin*

It would be awesome to have a 13 foot monometer in your stairwell. Like a firepole, except wetter and more scientific.

Today was a field trip ad Museum Artis Anglicae, et opera in modo ironico (totally making up words) vidimus. Then, we went for lunch, set loose in the streets of New Haven. Three sides of that block were distinctly trendy, and one was distinctly shady. I ordered a 10 inch flatbread pizza with enough cheese to make Wallace proud. Because I haven’t had any lactose-intolerance-related symptoms yet, I can only assume that I’m not allergic to all that cheese. Must’ve been a pound of white salty soft meaty stuff there and a few dozen moles of sodium ion. I bet if you stuck electrodes into my stomach, you’d see a glowing cooked stomach.

PSAT’s tomorrow. I read three sections of Dr. L’s stylebook and then realized that my cramming wouldn’t really help, but resolved to read it eventually because the information is important. *is failing/flailing*

Valete, amicae meae. Voy a comer una manzana.

Yesterday, I found a coupon for Rogain foam in the NYTimes. [[wink]]

Also, the free sample Kashi granola bar that I ordered a few weeks ago came in yesterday. It’s trail mix flavored and has 6 grams of protein, but the texture is really off–looking at the ingredients, the addition of corn flour really detracts. It doesn’t taste like cardboard, but it’s no Nature Valley sugar-bar either.

And why do granola bars have to be chewy anyway? Why can’t they be soft? When my jaws get tired from talking or eating, I really would feel like a soft granola bar. But no. They’re all marketed as chewy, and you have to decide for yourself which ones are actually soft. Nyeah?

Yesterday was fun :-)

1. CAPT breakfast equals delayed “core endurance” fitness testing and shortened Latin! My tailbone and dignity thanks Drs. Goldstone and Brady for caring so much about our test results. “Boys, let’s bring up those writing scores”…way to really sound like a large, impersonal school.

I did enjoy the goblet of mixed fruit in light syrup, though.

2. Football game! I didn’t freeze, didn’t really drop anything, and it was all fun and cheery and spirited. I wonder why no one’s come up with the slogan, Pride of the Peloponnesian yet, since there’s not many others ways you can alliteratively praise ugly war-obsessed people. And the Hand colorguard’s got nothing on us.

Math limerick time! Taken from; enjoy with a donut, a straw, and a mug of coffee. [because topographically, they’re all the same, all having one hole.]

There once was a number named pi
Who frequently liked to get high.
All he did every day
Was sit in his room and play
With his imaginary friend named i.

There once was a number named e
Who took way too much LSD.
She thought she was great.
But that fact we must debate;
We know she wasn’t greater than 3.

There once was a log named Lynn
Whose life was devoted to sin.
She came from a tree
Whose base was shaped like an e.
She’s the most natural log I’ve seen.