Finland, finland, finland…that’s the country for me!

Ligaturas violae suae cum supervisione nec magisteri nec parentis hodie. Pontum movit, sed sonus similis sono primo est, sine illo quintis instabilis.

[Harmy changed her own viola strings, with supervision from neither teacher nor parent today! She moved the bridge, but the sound is the same as before, wihtout the unstable fifths.]

Se levanto a las diez hoy. Es demasiado tarde para Harmy porque a ella le gusta comer desayuno Y almuerzo, no desalmuerzo.

[Harmy got up at 10 today. It’s too late for her because she likes to eat breakfast and lunch, instead of brunch.]

Sciuros in campos Harmy consequitur hodie. Unus sciurus eam spectavit, tunc, confunde, excurrit.

[Harmy chased squirrels in her backyard today. One squirrel looked at her, then, confused, ran away.]

Sed te excurrere nolit!

[But she doesn’t want you to run away!]

2 thoughts on “Finland, finland, finland…that’s the country for me!

  1. Pah, I already did an extra credit this weekend for Latin–I found an article about pirates and summarized it. In Lingua Latina. Unfortunately, I need EC much more in other classes. *sigh*

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