Oh, felix die!

[No! I’m not dead! ..I feeel…Happy! *does highland fling*]

I found my lost blue velvet jacket and scrounged up A’s on midmarks!!! ‘cept that’ll be A’s and at least one B when those Liberman essays get back, but still. I’m not dead! One 10th of the year gone!!!

I’m starting to get suspicious of my APUSH class. Somehow, we have enough time to spend a full week watching a video, and the activities we’ve been doing seem to have been assigned to many of his other classes. Also, the style of repeating catchphrases from videos is strangely reminiscent of Catalde. It makes me want to go buy a good review guide, right now, this evening, when I plan to get a 2nd edition “Stylebook” from B&N. Whee!

*gambol, gambol, gambol, gambol*

*bother, bother, bother, bother*