Habete laeta die lunae/Feliz fiesta de la luna/Happy moon festival/Zhong1 qiu1 jie2 kuai4 le4! [are the numbers distracting? is it figure-outtable without the numbers?]

[[I will not let preconceived, unadapting, prematurely defined definitions control myself because I actually wish to procreate and have “satisfying parts of normal lives.”]]

So today I was practing my A scale, trying to get stuff to ring, trying to unflatten the tonic on the C string because it always likes to make itself flat, even though there’s nothing hard about the note, etc. It took a long time to get it moderately better. By the time I got to the “fix the improvements into system” stage, my back was poking me because my shoulderrest sucks. So I took it off!

It was so liberating. The thing sounded louder and I discovered that it wasn’t so hard to play without it; in fact, I felt more relaxed. I sure was happier, though my collarbone wasn’t. I put down the instrument and looked around my room, read a bit, and then..

Mr. Squishyfish.

He’s triangular, fatter at one end, and equipped with a fin to cushion my collarbone against the devilish metal thingy. Basically, the shape was perfect.

Too bad he’s too cute to stuff under a viola.