Harmy tanta somnola hodie UT (omg result clause) in carro scholae dormivit, et tunc, cum domus (locative! locative!) advenisset (cum clause!!), tres hora dormivit.

Harmy estaba tan sonolienta hoy que se durmio en el bus escolar, y entonces, cuando llego a casa, durmio por tres horas.

Harmy was so sleepy today that she fell asleep on the school bus, and then, when she got home, slept for another three hours.

Jin tian, Harmy hen quen. Ta dou zai xiao che shui le yi hui(r) [Harmy zai che shang shui shi yi ge hen shao jian de dong xi]. Ran hou, ta yi jin jia men(r) jiu ben chuang yun yun hun hun de zou. Ma shang shui zhao le.

..eh…yeah. Lack of syntactical knowledge in chinese=long sentences.

So this morning, I had planned to stay for chemistry “release period” to soak up all the questions and answers people were going to ask, but decided that really, I didn’t care so much about the problem set, and that I would be happier conducting Freshman strings. I love my stringies. I got to say “tutti,” “one measure for nothing,” and “celli.” *grin*

It would be awesome to have a 13 foot monometer in your stairwell. Like a firepole, except wetter and more scientific.

Today was a field trip ad Museum Artis Anglicae, et opera in modo ironico (totally making up words) vidimus. Then, we went for lunch, set loose in the streets of New Haven. Three sides of that block were distinctly trendy, and one was distinctly shady. I ordered a 10 inch flatbread pizza with enough cheese to make Wallace proud. Because I haven’t had any lactose-intolerance-related symptoms yet, I can only assume that I’m not allergic to all that cheese. Must’ve been a pound of white salty soft meaty stuff there and a few dozen moles of sodium ion. I bet if you stuck electrodes into my stomach, you’d see a glowing cooked stomach.

PSAT’s tomorrow. I read three sections of Dr. L’s stylebook and then realized that my cramming wouldn’t really help, but resolved to read it eventually because the information is important. *is failing/flailing*

Valete, amicae meae. Voy a comer una manzana.


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