Pickings from Harmy’s brain. and uh..Wikipedia.

PSAT’s were nice. Errmmm…and then I practiced viola until my deltoid got sore. Then I went to the evil-yet-necessary establishment of Westfield and ate lots of hi-fat-frozen-dairy-product, and went home.

Then I found cool stuff on the internet! My cheeks are glowing with glee right now.

1. Badgers badgers badger badger badgers. Restate: Badgers, whom other badgers badger, in turn, badger other badgers.

A crazier one is Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

2. Thomas Tallis! I heard him on the radio a few months ago. When I came upon the group “Early Music Turns Me On,” I realized that he was not some modernist minimalist crazy, but rather some English Catholic who survived the Reformation (or Henry Numero Ocho’s marital problems), and decided to research him. His music is happy and…happy, not to mention that it has Latin like all the other stuff written back then. Methinks I will poke Woodbridge Public Library to get some recordings of his stuff.


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