I was thinking about how I tend to rate days “soggy,” “happy,” “ok,” etc. It’s mostly useless and usually inaccurate, I reasoned, but day descriptions seem to make good entry titles.

I woke up slightly late, even though I had slept well last night. Usually, my brain decides that it’s “not really tired enough to go to bed yet” and I end up reading or listening to stuff until rather late. Last night, I didn’t. Rather ordinary.

I took the chem test, finishing with more than 20 minutes to spare. No big deal; I’m used to finishing early (like to fetch my water bottle), and they usually hadn’t many adverse effects. I checked my molar masses over thrice and sorta sat there, too lazy to check over my actual thinking process or check sigfigs. Checking thinking processes actually takes effort and strength of character because it forces you to occasionally recognize that the original method used was wrong, so I didn’t, and like the ironic characters we’ve been reading about, probably screwed myself over. Basically, I handed in the test all happy and confident, and then discovered how seriously I messed up on everything. Maybe I’ll bring myself to check methodology next time.

Latin, however, was beatissimus.

“‘What language did Catullus compose in?’ Wow, what a hard question,” said Ms. Narden.
“..greek?” responded the group.

So then it was after school. I was obligated to go to a Link Crew meeting though I had arranged to play in a quartet, so I went to the teachers on Wednesday and essentially asked to leave early. I don’t know if I was too indirect, but they never gave any clear indication of when people who had to leave could leave today. Instead, they wasted 15 minutes doing a stupid balloon “introduction” activity. Those 15 minutes could have been the difference between my missing the quartet (the room got taken over by the construction crew, and they left) and my meeting them. I don’t feel personally slighted by anyone, but I do feel that Link Crew was extremely inconvenient and inconsiderate today. Those lead-in activities are so canned; I’d rather have heard them directly expound on how lousy yet ..crucially important to the culture of the school.. we were.

On the bright side, I got to go to colorguard, which always brings sunshine [hahahaha] into my day.


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  1. I love your entries. They always seem to sum up all your silly reflections of the day. Everybody has them, but instead we just go home to lj and complain about everything they can think of. Yours are so refreshing. It’s what lj should be. :-)

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