It was..non frigidus in ludis footballibus. I had thought that to not freeze, I had to eat lots of cheese [rhyme!!], but it was fine. Of course, Jessie’s awesome hot chocolate only made everything funner.

Oh yeah! Watch this video! (I made it.)

Oo-this evening, I tried to polish my silver electrolytically. It wasn’t a spectacular fizzing and lifting of thousands of flocking flakes of black stuff, but the process did manage to loosen much of the tarnish so that I could rub it off with a paper towel. [However, there is the possibility that I could’ve rubbed it off with plain baking soda and paper towel even without the Al.] Essentially, you dunk baking soda, real aluminum foil, and silver stuff into really hot water. I think that more tarnish would have magically fallen off if my water had stayed hotter..

It’s amazing how much my standards have fallen this year. For example, the digits of my chem test mode have switched. Actually, I don’t quite know last year’s mode, but I do know the average, and the digits have indeed switched. Now, I’m not freaking about C’s in Liberman. That’s typical and expected. But when others in the class consistently A+ things, there’s not really an excuse, is there?

Stuff learned today:

PIE: Not only does it stand for Proto-Indo-European, but also Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion!
Usquequaque: Always! So..”I’ll be with you forever and for always” could be something like..”Stabam (or is it Stabo?) tecum usquequaque usquequaqueque.” Actually, I don’t think that works because forever is an adverb, always is a time? and usquequaque is only an adverb.

Latin would be awesome for rapping.


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  1. “It’s amazing how much my standards have fallen this year.”
    Ahh I can definitely relate. Last year I never needed to study for chem and never got below a 93 on a test. This year I’m happy if I get higher than an F =[
    I like the video, haha =]
    I’d love to hear someone rap in latin. That would be awesome =P

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