Schrodinger: I’ll Take It! It’s for My Cat

Woman: Will this skirt shrink in the dryer?
Saleswoman: I don’t know if it’ll shrink. My friend said that in her experience it probably won’t. But sometimes it does. It depends. There’s no way to know. It either will, or it won’t.


Dude, that totally makes me want to name my cat Schroedinger. With the umlauts.

I watched a movie tonight! [Harmy doesn’t usually watch movies.] It was shot/made in 1969 (or 1970, according to IMDB) with Gene Wilder (Willy Wonka) and Donald Sutherland–Start the Revolution Without Me. Very Monty Python + Dumas + Frenchies. Worth a watch–not “quick, slap me, I can’t breathe” laughter, but keeps a consistent smile on the face. Oo–the music is awesome. Lots of little clarinet/bassoon funnies with a shockingly robust harpsichord motif.


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