I love this guy.

“Slavonic Dance for those who cannot play piano at all.”


(see Secondo line.)

Non possum tocare carminam “Illa Apis” scriptam per Schuberto quod digiti mei tertius et quartus non possum movere cum dexteritate.

Did you know that there are 204 squares on an 8×8 checkerboard, and 784 (I think, don’t kill me if I’m wrong) different rectangles?

The “nearly-exhausted but still not quite wanting to sleep yet” feeling demands el-jaying.

For one, I realized that I have neither exercised nor DDR’d (a subset of exercising, w/e) for several months. Doing ridiculously un-elegant calculus homework with a pile of carb-heavy snacks sure can pack some squishiness onto Harmy’s loins. Hmm.

Also, I have lots of stuff that I had planned to do this break but haven’t done yet!!

1. Ork rekordingz. x.x
2. English revision
3. Corazon de Oscuridad (que no comprendo en ninguna manera)
4. Bratsche. No lo he tocado desde ..Lunes? (lastima lastima verguenza)
5. Reading lots of unrequired books and watching lots of unrequired movies!!!

I’m starting to really miss my book of Chopin Etudes. My teacher loaned it to me (indefinitely), but in a fury of “I don’t need you, you woman who never taught me proper thumb-over technique,” aka angst, I refused to buy it off her for a trivial amount and have it for posterity. I think I’ve basically made peace with that I’m not very good at doing anything that requires sparkling scales, but generally, I can tackle most adagios and easy stuff. I want my chopet 10.6, the easy depressing slow one that I play well! Meep.

10 USD that my room will be covered in stuff by Sunday evening. [see prior post]

I just brute-forced an answer, got it right, and had my stoopid 3-year-old method be the only one given on the answer sheet. How sad. I could’ve been sitting there brute-forcing for hours (I just got lucky), and that seems to be the only way to do such a problem.

21. At a picnic there were c children, f adult females, and m adult males, where
2 < c < f < m. Every person shook hands with every other person. The sum
of the number of handshakes between children, the number of handshakes
between adult females and the number of handshakes between adult males is
57. How many handshakes were there altogether?
(A) 153 (B) 171 (C) 190 (D) 210 (E) 231

I opened up my new yoga mat today. Despite its .25″ thinness, it’s still rather cushy.

..Thanksgiving asian party preparations are corrupting Harmy’s mind with math/science references.

1. Brine. equals 2 gallons of ice water, 16 boullion (boo, leon!) cubes, and 1 cup of salt. Now, each of those salty things breaks up into two ions, so you have to have the van de someguy factor and multiply by two to calculate boiling pt. elevation.

And then the osmosis part. Dwee and I were trying to figure out how we could make the turkey brine without either over-brining or overflowing the wimpy-sized pot. 5-gallon bucket would have been ideal.

Waal is the name of a river that flows out of the Rhine. I learned that by watching Jeopardy. But no one ever told me that it wasn’t synonymous with LDF’s. WTF?! WTK?!? What kind of education did I get?

2. Pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

3. Muffins: While trying to get 10.3* ounces of mashed pumpkin out of a 15 oz can, I realized that I should’ve just taken out 4.7 oz and poured in the rest of the can. But no–I had to be spatially inept.

4. The fatty fatty soy-sauce + meaty essence was cooling so that ripples of hot liquid could be seen. It was..wavy.

My room is devoid of embarassments!! Ni un conejo de polvo, ni un sticky note with wishlists on it, ni las hojas de mi calendario con mis palabras de amor para principes azules, ni large blue wads of sticky stuff on my mirror; no hay nada.

However, there are:

1 SAT book
1 APUSH book
1 Merriam Webster Dictionary
1 Latin Dictionary
1 The Remains of the Day
1 Wallace and Gromit Calendar (hee hee)
many sticky notes with vocab from books because Victorian people really like funny greek words
3 socks on the feet of my beautiful Manhasset Stand
1 Origami pagoda made from a Coldstone coupon

Actually, the stand’s been losing its head lately. I try to get it to grow taller and pull it by the neck, but the pressure might have become too much, and its head pops right off.

Nonne plures compares (puellae et pueri) in schola post ‘dancem’ videntur? Aut amens sum? (hey look, new vocab word!)

I want a tall leany-chair. Think of a stepstool with two steps. The top one leans foward while the bottom one leans in; the top one is for sitting and the bottom one is for knee support. I’d also like a pillow that require that I exhale for loose neck muscles.

O.E. isærn (with M.E. rhotacism of -s-), from P.Gmc. *isarnan (cf. O.S. isarn, O.N. isarn, M.Du. iser, O.H.G. isarn, Ger. Eisen) “holy metal” or “strong metal” (in contrast to softer bronze) probably an early borrowing of Celt. *isarnon (cf. O.Ir. iarn, Welsh haiarn), from PIE *is-(e)ro- “powerful, holy,” from PIE *eis “strong” (cf. Skt. isirah “vigorous, strong,” Gk. ieros “strong”). The verb meaning “press clothes” (with a heated flat-iron) is first recorded 1680; ironing board is from 1843.

“Right so as whil that Iren is hoot men sholden smyte.” [Chaucer, c.1386]

To have (too) many irons in the fire “to be doing too much at once” is from 1549. Iron lung “artificial respiration tank” is from 1932. Ironside, name given to a man of great hardihood or bravery (1297) first applied to Edmund II, king of England (d.1016), later also to Oliver Cromwell and his troops.

Hehe. I don’t actually have too many irons in the fire; I’m just running out of starch and burning my fingers too frequently.

(more later)


Upon further reflection, I think my organization hasn’t been as meticulous recently. We’re going so quickly in Calc; 15 minutes for going over homework, 5-10 minutes of notes, 20-25 minutes of examples, and then a few seconds for assigning homework. It’s nice, but there’s hardly ever any breathing time to organize my notebook, make intricate and life-like headings, etc.

Defessissima sum. Defessiora cranio in schola sum.

I carried around 720 degrees today! (4 Pies!) Now there’s 180 degrees in my freezer. [180 degrees kelvin of Audrey’s pie, of course.]

There’s a lot of stuff in the fridge, but not much to eat. It’s all uncooked stuff, so I’ve been subsisting on croissants for the past few afternoons. They’re filling and nice, but too oily to be good for repeated eating.

I had my audishun tuday.

It wuz gud.

I liked the scales.

I wish I cud do gud like that in my academic classes.

I wasn’t no hungry nor cold.

They made me do math.

Their wuz a curmudgenous old man.

They’re were also a youngish wumin.

Dubble stops are teh suck.

Sew is grammer and speling.

Were doing physics stuff in Calc.

I’m real glad I don’t have to do that all year.

Simpul declarative sentences is good when they are paired only with longer sentences.

[omg adverbial clause with misplaced “only!”

I need a harecut.

I corectid myself today.

I said human.

I was refering too the noun.

I changed it to “human beeing.”

I cut my thumb a little this morning. It’s pretty cool actually–the cut is in such a way that you can see many layers of flesh: tannish stuff, white stuff, dead white stuff, pink stuff, redder-pink stuff. I was cutting an apple in an unwise fashion, and the blasted knife, while it can’t cut apple flesh, easily cut mine. Good think my nerves work relatively well, that I didn’t keep cutting into it.

Too bad it’s the left thumb; band-aids are slippery..I’ll just tape on something rubber-cement-like so I can do my A scale properly.

I proved that the product of four consecutive numbers, plus one, is always a perfect square! This must be my first exciting proof by induction. [The two I did a while ago sucked.) It probably wasn’t the smartest way to do it, but hey. At least now I can square a trinomial with ease because I had to do it only about 4 times.

EX: 2*3*4*5+1 = 121, or 11 squared

EX: 4*5*6*7+1 = 841, or 29 squared

Super globulum salubriosum magnum et caeruleum sedo!
(I’m sitting on a huge blue exercise ball!!)

..ludis partibus de duabus ad cuartis remnants-of-meas edo!
(I eat Ellens from second to fourth period, using really bad latin!)