Ay me. I so should not have sent last year’s history notes to be shredded. I mean–they’re clumsy and useless (basically), but it’s better than trying to learn it from an AP book.

Maybe I can scrounge up some tests–those I saved to use as fish/chicken bone/entrail paper. (Asian table customs ^^)

*scratches head in overwhelmedness*

Or I can steal neneno‘s!

EDIT: I think I’ve become rather sensitive (too sensitive) to caffeine again. I’ve been excessively [[word that expresses stressed, energetic, busied, distracted, overwhelmed, spinny]] all afternoon/evening. Or maybe I just poured coffee into a fatter cup today.

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  1. rofl I’m so sad I threw away my last year’s history notes too TT____TT
    I don’t even take notes anymore. I just re-read a chapter 2 or 3 times; it takes a while, but you usually remember all the details after the second read.

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