I’m going to try for a five minute entry. Then I want to have 30 minutes of viola-ing before tomorrow.

So I got up reel early this morning because I thought I had to get 4 cavities filled at 8 am. I was having such a nice dream, except for the part where my teacher randomly grew viking hair. That was strange. Anyway, it turned out that I’m getting the cavities filled next week, so I went home and tried to write a centerspread article. I’m getting a little tired of the editor’s not using my awesomest!!!!!1!!!11 ideas. Instead of “Affirmative Action” or “Immigration,” we’re doing “Plagiarism and Cheating.” Yes, it’s more local and the administration might have something to say about it, but I mean…we’ve gone through it in advisory! If we’ve gone through something in advisory, no one wants to hear about it again. And I bet my artful discusson of ancient worlds is going to be cut out again.

Then I had my lesson, where I realized that I completely have no clue what I’m doing in the Allemande, especially when I’m not fully awake. I do better in the evenings, I swear, except when I have a fever (which is every viola recital so far). That’s what the next..twenty-nine minutes are for.

After a reduced-fat ice cream cone and lunch, I went to Zak’s abode to do an English video. We were torn between using a tape-based video camera and a digital photo camera, but after much deliberation, commiseration, and discussion of how ironic it all was, we went with the latter. I got to stab (soprano-tenor-alto-bass!) Nicole, our lovely and expressive Eustacia. I also got to threaten her with a metal rake. Roar.

And uh..I just attempted to figure out how much Nitrogen (V) Oxide resonates. Wasn’t pretty.

Alright–Viola tyme.


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  1. this entry seems like mine because i talk about viola and have a friend named zack who spells it Zak.
    what suite are you doing? is it 1? because I am! and i was just practicing it like 2 minutes ago!

  2. Haha–yeah–It is Suite No. 1! And I was practicing it just minutes ago too! Now I’m watching Mythbusters, where they’re trying to letally blow up a trombone in the 1812 Overture.
    Oo-question. You know in the 2nd half of the Allemande, after the A minor cadence, like 3/4 of the way to the end, there’s a lyrical bit:
    [on the A string] Bb-A-Bb-C-D/A-G#-A-B or is it Bb/E-F-D-..etc–>another A minor cadence
    Do you know if it’s B, or indeed Bb? My part has a B natural, but my recording has a Bb.

  3. that particular part? i play it 3 slurred, one seperate. that’s how i play most of that movement, but the rest is seperate. and detache, i guess, sometimes a little bit shorter, though.
    casals did them really long ago, so there may be new discoveries in the bach and they realized, oh, it probably is a b natural! but do whatever you or your teacher wants to do for that note.

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