I’m parched.

Let’s see (is going for the 10 minute post so she has 10 more minutes to do Calc homework before dinner)..

I woke up at 11:01 this morning–new record, whoohoo! It doesn’t make sense because I couldn’t have stayed up later than 11:40 last night–all I did after getting warmed up and ready for sleep was read the Ethics section of NYT magazine and the Arts and Leisure section, including the Holiday Movie insert. Apparently there’s some phonomenon with penguin movies–although it seems that the penguin animations are riding on the success of March of the Penguins, most of them (like Happy Feet) were conceived before the French Docudrama was.

Man. It’s dinnertime. There goes my calc-homework-before-dinner plan.

Dismayed at having two fewer hours to do stuff, I ate the remains of Dwee’s breakfast. Never realized how salty Costco croissants were before this morning. They really are quite salty.

After, I practiced a bit. My practice session the night before was really, really good, for some odd reason. My viola was freezing cold (and completely unharmed because it’s plastic, )–maybe that helped. It was slightly more crash-and-burn today. Unfazed, I went to eat more stuff and watch Mythbusters.

Then I trekked off to a reunion/”studio class”, toward the beloved free parking lot associated with Chinese school and the Yale Bookstoor, the one with the music building in the middle of it. When I got there, Serena was reading really long sentences with a wrench in her messenger bag and taking notes with mittens on. I lamented about my useless pants. A weird-loking guy walked around. Then Abby came. Then Matthew showed up–turns out that the weird-looking guy was actually his teacher and the significant other of mine. o_0

The music building is really, really, really well heated when one is cold, and too well heated when one has warmed up. I found it most interesting that people’s studios have couches and directors’ chairs in them (and a nice piano, but that’s normal and boring :-P). Man, it motivates me to get myself in an ivory tower–I’m going to have a minifridge in my office, with fruit in it. *amibitious*

So the transparently fair violinist played a bit, then Serena went. I tried to accompany her and kept messing up on a rather simple measure (as well as not following her at all); when she was done, we decided to each take a hand, which worked admirably.

I wish I had taped my playing–I don’t remember much besides a strangely bouncy bow and good vibrato. Then I got “pretend you’re petting a cat”‘d at my inability to play a chord properly and other miscellaneous advice, and then it was all over. Very vague recollection I have.

But most excitingly, I found a huge bloody scratch on my knuckle. No clue where it came from, but it was bloody and very neatly scratched–now it’s bandaged.

Right o-Calculus time.


7 thoughts on “

  1. I don’t like playing violin in the cold; it makes everything sound out of tune. …Wait, I think I’m thinking of flutes… Strike that; that was a pointless thing to say!
    Do you get a good 9 hours of sleep during the weekdays? =O!!! Because if you don’t, they(?!) build up and gang up you on the weekends. The trick is to counter with alarm clocks!! It’s better to have several around your room, so you have to physically get up to shut’em off.
    Penguins are fluffy 8D!

  2. Haha-oh yes, I think I get about..33 good hours of sleep during the weekdays.
    Penguins would make good alarm clocks! They’d squawk, then waddle around, trip over something, and generally look cute enough to whomp on the head and shut off.

  3. I’m getting kinda sick of peguins, I think if I had one as an alarm clock I might tear its head off and feed its decapitated body to the local junkyard dog.

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