LJni suomalainen “is.”

(My livejournal is in Finnish!)

“ni” is a first person singular possessive sticky-thing, and suomalainen means Finnish, I think. I’d assume they’re both in the nominative case, and that dictionaries give stuff in the nominative case, but with more than a dozen cases (of donuts!) you never know.

I’ll probably end up changing it back to English or something I can actually guess/read.

I woke up at 11:27 today! How is that??!! Is my weekday sleep really catching up to me that much? When I decided to open my eyes and embrace the morning sun, I actually thought it would be around eight o’clock. o_0 Oh, opaque curtains, so adept at blocking moonlight, how tragically the sun blocketh you??

Plan for the day:
1. History essay.
2. Read for english.
3. Chem
4. Vla
5. get the mail


4 thoughts on “

  1. My livejournal is in English!
    (My livejournal is in English!)
    Aha! I woke up around 10, so I win by an hour!! …But you guys are like 3 hours ahead of me, so I guess not.

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