I had my audishun tuday.

It wuz gud.

I liked the scales.

I wish I cud do gud like that in my academic classes.

I wasn’t no hungry nor cold.

They made me do math.

Their wuz a curmudgenous old man.

They’re were also a youngish wumin.

Dubble stops are teh suck.

Sew is grammer and speling.

Were doing physics stuff in Calc.

I’m real glad I don’t have to do that all year.

Simpul declarative sentences is good when they are paired only with longer sentences.

[omg adverbial clause with misplaced “only!”

I need a harecut.

I corectid myself today.

I said human.

I was refering too the noun.

I changed it to “human beeing.”

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  1. Yup :) You should try it next year–It’s fun to see all the instrumentalists from the other schools, and I’m sure that you would make it in.
    I wonder who the conductor will be this year–it’s always an adventure. The one in my freshman year was jolly, round, and told us not to be “tightasses”; the one last year was really, really unenthusiastic.

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