I opened up my new yoga mat today. Despite its .25″ thinness, it’s still rather cushy.

..Thanksgiving asian party preparations are corrupting Harmy’s mind with math/science references.

1. Brine. equals 2 gallons of ice water, 16 boullion (boo, leon!) cubes, and 1 cup of salt. Now, each of those salty things breaks up into two ions, so you have to have the van de someguy factor and multiply by two to calculate boiling pt. elevation.

And then the osmosis part. Dwee and I were trying to figure out how we could make the turkey brine without either over-brining or overflowing the wimpy-sized pot. 5-gallon bucket would have been ideal.

Waal is the name of a river that flows out of the Rhine. I learned that by watching Jeopardy. But no one ever told me that it wasn’t synonymous with LDF’s. WTF?! WTK?!? What kind of education did I get?

2. Pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

3. Muffins: While trying to get 10.3* ounces of mashed pumpkin out of a 15 oz can, I realized that I should’ve just taken out 4.7 oz and poured in the rest of the can. But no–I had to be spatially inept.

4. The fatty fatty soy-sauce + meaty essence was cooling so that ripples of hot liquid could be seen. It was..wavy.

My room is devoid of embarassments!! Ni un conejo de polvo, ni un sticky note with wishlists on it, ni las hojas de mi calendario con mis palabras de amor para principes azules, ni large blue wads of sticky stuff on my mirror; no hay nada.

However, there are:

1 SAT book
1 APUSH book
1 Merriam Webster Dictionary
1 Latin Dictionary
1 The Remains of the Day
1 Wallace and Gromit Calendar (hee hee)
many sticky notes with vocab from books because Victorian people really like funny greek words
3 socks on the feet of my beautiful Manhasset Stand
1 Origami pagoda made from a Coldstone coupon

Actually, the stand’s been losing its head lately. I try to get it to grow taller and pull it by the neck, but the pressure might have become too much, and its head pops right off.

Nonne plures compares (puellae et pueri) in schola post ‘dancem’ videntur? Aut amens sum? (hey look, new vocab word!)

I want a tall leany-chair. Think of a stepstool with two steps. The top one leans foward while the bottom one leans in; the top one is for sitting and the bottom one is for knee support. I’d also like a pillow that require that I exhale for loose neck muscles.


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