The “nearly-exhausted but still not quite wanting to sleep yet” feeling demands el-jaying.

For one, I realized that I have neither exercised nor DDR’d (a subset of exercising, w/e) for several months. Doing ridiculously un-elegant calculus homework with a pile of carb-heavy snacks sure can pack some squishiness onto Harmy’s loins. Hmm.

Also, I have lots of stuff that I had planned to do this break but haven’t done yet!!

1. Ork rekordingz. x.x
2. English revision
3. Corazon de Oscuridad (que no comprendo en ninguna manera)
4. Bratsche. No lo he tocado desde ..Lunes? (lastima lastima verguenza)
5. Reading lots of unrequired books and watching lots of unrequired movies!!!

I’m starting to really miss my book of Chopin Etudes. My teacher loaned it to me (indefinitely), but in a fury of “I don’t need you, you woman who never taught me proper thumb-over technique,” aka angst, I refused to buy it off her for a trivial amount and have it for posterity. I think I’ve basically made peace with that I’m not very good at doing anything that requires sparkling scales, but generally, I can tackle most adagios and easy stuff. I want my chopet 10.6, the easy depressing slow one that I play well! Meep.

10 USD that my room will be covered in stuff by Sunday evening. [see prior post]

I just brute-forced an answer, got it right, and had my stoopid 3-year-old method be the only one given on the answer sheet. How sad. I could’ve been sitting there brute-forcing for hours (I just got lucky), and that seems to be the only way to do such a problem.

21. At a picnic there were c children, f adult females, and m adult males, where
2 < c < f < m. Every person shook hands with every other person. The sum
of the number of handshakes between children, the number of handshakes
between adult females and the number of handshakes between adult males is
57. How many handshakes were there altogether?
(A) 153 (B) 171 (C) 190 (D) 210 (E) 231


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