Hehehheehe. What an exhausting week.


1. Possibly having written three in-class essays, and having scrambled out conclusions in less than 30 seconds for each. Now I just have to get the grades back to see how well my 30-second conclusions have worked out.

2. Two calculus tests in one day. I groggily (and in a semi-disgruntled, semi-contented mood that resulted from my always ridiculous “strings lab” i.e. freshman strings class) blundered through the first one. I sure did not see Byzantine architectural influences in that Tibetan lean-to of integration doom–however, something like (x^2+1)/(x^2-1) definitely would, or even sec(x). Gotta love those arch-y windows and stuff.

Funnily, the second calculus test (the real one) asked about a window shaped like a square with a semicircle sitting atop it. Tee. It was long and arduous, but also pleasantly rewarding. I think I stumbled on the MC and TF but got the thought-provoking questions. (oh, the excitement of thought-provoking questions in limited time..)

3. Careless Southern Regionals people neglected to put my music in a folder. Ergo, positionem meam nescio.

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