This morning, I woke up from a lovely dream (no clue what it was about, though I remember making an effort to remember it when I first woke up) and discovered that I still had jelly legs.

I’m serious! Heri nihil feci. NIHIL. Nihil nihil nihil. Nihillimus. Must’ve been the blasted 2 minutes of aerobic exercise on Friday.

If a+b=2


a squared plus b squared equals three


a cubed plus b cubed equals seven…

Muahahahaha. [that’s what I did this morning, before breakfast.]

A silicon bundt-cake pan, post-transformationes topographicales, potest videri improbulissimus.

[After the pan’s been peeled and lifted out of the bundt cake, it can appear very, very naughty. Teeee.]

*is still really tired.*

Pictures of enviable edibles will be posted soon.

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