Loppital, loppitell, oh la– la la-la la la L’Hospital

I’ve eaten a small calvary today.

[equites. Ha. Catiline essay. Non scriptus est, et mox non scriptus erit.]

And for some reason, the next math quiz is on Newton’s method for finding zeros. That means we’ve basically skipped over Lopey, no? Unless it’s showing up on the next test. Meh.

Integration+little sleep=disaster.

So I’m trying to do my Catiline essay, loading on enough anaphora to make Cicero proud.

But I get distracted because AMCs are next Tuesday and I’m sucking at math.

So I’ve just decided to work on the blasted history homework.

Now I’m being distracted by my Catiline essay.

Oh, liberal arts, how I hate thee.


*smidge of evil*

My centerspread article will have Coach Jacobs and Ms. Narden. Oh, the fun I shall have while juxtaposing the quotations!

Illusions, false dreams ruin us. Or, at least, they can diminish the happy experience of life; by trying constantly to reconcile truth with what one prefers to believe, one becomes constantly dissatisfied with one’s futility. One example of this pattern is the relationship between the American people and tofu. Originating in Asia, tofu was a source of protein where meat was scarce, but never seen as a replacement for meat. Certainly, there are the Buddhist tourist traps, where glossy vegetarian shrimps, fishes, and beeves are prepared, but the common family cooks tofu and meat in conjunction, celebrating the textures and flavors of both. However, Americans tend to view tofu differently. Tofu had never been a form of sustenance because soy was foreign to Europe, and, after the rise of the railroads and western expansion, fresh meat was plentiful. Instead, it has taken on the role of a social icon similar to the birkenstock, tie-dye shirt, and hybrid car. Though rich in social context, in the Western world, Tofu is pitifully lacking in satisfactory methods of preparation. For example, some vegetarians eat tofu as a meat replacement. While the protein levels are comparable, the texture is undeniably distinct; those who whine about eating “grilled tofu” while their friends eat hotdogs and burgers are hapless dreamers, destined to realize that they should stick to mushroom caps.

Tofu is not meat, nor ever will it be. It is delicious white stuff similar to the barbarian stuff some call “cheese”; both take some acclimation. People should enjoy, or at least, experience tofu, in a similar way as they experience cheese–that is, for its own flavors. Cheese can be pungent and oddly textured, making it suitable for adding flavoring or dimension; tofu is similarly powerful in its flavor and mouthfeel. However, warm cheese on bread is a grilled cheese sandwich, not a “cheeseburger”; lightly charred tofu, therefore, should not be forced to live up to the idea of a “tofuburger.”

..heh. When I was writing that paragraph, I kept thinking, “What is the best revision (in context) for sentence (k) in lines (c-f?)” and other SAT-ish questions.


I can’t find my Webern/Schoenberg/Berg CD.

I thought about looking on the floor because the first track is the Webern Passacaglia Op. 1, and passacaglias usually have some repeated thing in the lower registers, but it’s not on the floor, nor in any of the lower drawers in my room. I’ve tried looking for it backwards, upside down, and avoiding keys, but it’s nowhere to be found.


If you’re regularly awake between 11 and 12 at nights, give NPR or WMNR (I forget which one) a listen.

My arms are really tired, as are my legs. *jellyfish*

I stumbled across the MIT Admissions page somehow (I had been googling for something) and, after discovering that MIT lets NO ONE pass out of Chemistry (and that cyclobutane is not flat), got to their “Incoming Freshman Class Profile.”

49 States are represented.
49 Countries are represented.
South Dakota is the state NOT represented.

South Dakota and Minnesota are now my models of mediocrity. Or bad schools.

Caltech requires three terms of Physical Education. 8D And its website is so pretty–the colors complement one another without looking like a 2nd grader’s outfit and helpful menus load quickly (actually, everything loads quickly). Most of all, they say “de gustibus non est disputandam” to defend their apparently paltry dining selection. :-D

I got to write Q.E.D. on my calc midterm!!! *zomgs* Gerundive love. Why don’t we get more proofy stuff ut scribere QED saepius possim?

I wish I could take my all-state audition in the evening. It’s not that I hate the mornings, but playing stuff requires relaxation that can be attained only by living through a full day. Afternoons are bad because I’m always sleepy from lunch.

remnants_of_me, Jen, Dwee, and I had a DDR gathering today! By combining our pads, we were able to do doubles; to watch Dwee scurry from side-to-side was most enjoyable.

Let it be known that harmy_tangent takes interest in the following colleges:

A green V denotes that harmy_tangent would like to visit starred college before applying to them. In general, harmy_tangent will visit the other colleges upon acceptance.

In General (Fame, prestige)
1. Yale
2. Brown V
3. Stanford

In case I feel like becoming a liberal artsy sort
4. Wellesley [It’s like spelling “foreign” or “onomotopoeia”] V
5. UPenn V
6. Rice [I eat you!]

In case I feel like becoming a sciencey sort:
7. Harvey Mudd
9. Columbia?

And if I decide to be a doctor and need a place to learn how to prescribe people magic antibiotics for colds (or to cut people open):
10. University of Washington
11. JHU?

To work with Lemurs and Lacrosse Players
12. Duke.

*is going to make a post, then will go to sleep right after figuring out what to eat, what to wear, and what to bring to school tomorrow.*

1. Estoy segurissima que me enfermare. Y ya he tomado Vitamin C, mucho, pero pienso que esta vez, es de verdad.

2. Sr. Silva better read the enormous unorganized, off-topic treatise I wrote on my “Philosophy of communication as it relates to El Mudito Alegre.” He’s off-topic all the time–why can’t I be?

3. I’m finally getting a hold of my all-state audition thinger! Though I’m ridiculously lacking in artistic guidance (what is it with my inability to find teachers who give the artistic guidance that I absolutely need and cannot formulate for myself), I’ve finally figured out some of the necessary technical stuff. Like hand position and that stuff.

4. I hope my graphing calculator doesn’t conk out tomorrow.