For Jessie:

Criticisms of AAA/RA/FSA-1933:
· Supreme Court: Unconstitutional to tax one group to pay another
· To conservatives, AAA was too socialist (government buying up surpluses, aiming to control prices (at all))
· To liberals, not broad or effective enough
· Act favored landowners—Protection of sharecroppers’ homes was weak, and efforts to give sharecroppers a bigger share of the parity payments would inadvertently give landowners incentive to hire only day-laborers.
· Not effective! Machinery/technology could make limited land more productive, livestock was not included in the seven controlled crops

AAA-1938 Fixes to 1933 criticisms
· Funds to pay farmers would be from a general tax
· Legislation was written in sections so that a single unconstitutional section could not bring down the entire bill
· Named erosion prevention as major goal, thus distancing itself from socialist ideas—instead, was “regulating interstate commerce”

General Merits:
· New Deal programs quieted radicalism
· Educated farmers


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