*is going to make a post, then will go to sleep right after figuring out what to eat, what to wear, and what to bring to school tomorrow.*

1. Estoy segurissima que me enfermare. Y ya he tomado Vitamin C, mucho, pero pienso que esta vez, es de verdad.

2. Sr. Silva better read the enormous unorganized, off-topic treatise I wrote on my “Philosophy of communication as it relates to El Mudito Alegre.” He’s off-topic all the time–why can’t I be?

3. I’m finally getting a hold of my all-state audition thinger! Though I’m ridiculously lacking in artistic guidance (what is it with my inability to find teachers who give the artistic guidance that I absolutely need and cannot formulate for myself), I’ve finally figured out some of the necessary technical stuff. Like hand position and that stuff.

4. I hope my graphing calculator doesn’t conk out tomorrow.


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