I got to write Q.E.D. on my calc midterm!!! *zomgs* Gerundive love. Why don’t we get more proofy stuff ut scribere QED saepius possim?

I wish I could take my all-state audition in the evening. It’s not that I hate the mornings, but playing stuff requires relaxation that can be attained only by living through a full day. Afternoons are bad because I’m always sleepy from lunch.

remnants_of_me, Jen, Dwee, and I had a DDR gathering today! By combining our pads, we were able to do doubles; to watch Dwee scurry from side-to-side was most enjoyable.

Let it be known that harmy_tangent takes interest in the following colleges:

A green V denotes that harmy_tangent would like to visit starred college before applying to them. In general, harmy_tangent will visit the other colleges upon acceptance.

In General (Fame, prestige)
1. Yale
2. Brown V
3. Stanford

In case I feel like becoming a liberal artsy sort
4. Wellesley [It’s like spelling “foreign” or “onomotopoeia”] V
5. UPenn V
6. Rice [I eat you!]

In case I feel like becoming a sciencey sort:
7. Harvey Mudd
9. Columbia?

And if I decide to be a doctor and need a place to learn how to prescribe people magic antibiotics for colds (or to cut people open):
10. University of Washington
11. JHU?

To work with Lemurs and Lacrosse Players
12. Duke.


11 thoughts on “

  1. hahaha QED 8D! I remember my teacher told me a story about how his teacher joked and said that it stood for “Queen Elizabeth Died” and this one student actually believed it.
    …or was that someone else? *source amnesia*

  2. I HEART PENN. I also love your explanations for applying to Rice… and Duke.
    Seriously, I love Penn. It rocks at pretty much everything, science, liberal arts, business, medicine… So basically you come out a superhero, no matter what. You should definitely visit it. It’s an amazingly happy campus. So very enthusiastic. DEFINITELY a difference from other Ivy League schools (and I’m not making it up; it’s known for that). They have a lot of school spirit, and not just Harvard/Yale “We are better than you” stuff… they’re just… fun. And they actually have a sense of humor. They created a toast zamboni, just for the hell of it. So that makes them extra cool. Yay Penn, tadaaaaa.
    And Wharton is mad sexy.

  3. Oh, that being said, I think Penn’s rating went down several places in the past year alone. For best overall in the Ivy League, it used to be 1. Harvard 2. Princeton 3. Yale 4. UPenn, but now I think it’s number 7 or 8. So that makes me sad, but me still wuvs me Penn.

  4. Nah it’s a huge zamboni-looking thing that picks up toast students throw onto their football field during halftime.
    (School song sings “A toast to dear old Penn”. They’re no longer able to do a toast with alcoholic beverages in the stadium, but they make do.)
    And their mascot is Benjamin Franklin. HOW COOL IS THAT.

  5. Hehe–well, word on the street (i.e. my Chem teacher) is that the medical program is so viciously competitive there that people contaminate one another’s lab gear to skew results. I like success and the processes in getting there, but I’m not adept at interpersonal ambition games.
    But how do you like it there?

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