I can’t find my Webern/Schoenberg/Berg CD.

I thought about looking on the floor because the first track is the Webern Passacaglia Op. 1, and passacaglias usually have some repeated thing in the lower registers, but it’s not on the floor, nor in any of the lower drawers in my room. I’ve tried looking for it backwards, upside down, and avoiding keys, but it’s nowhere to be found.


If you’re regularly awake between 11 and 12 at nights, give NPR or WMNR (I forget which one) a listen.

My arms are really tired, as are my legs. *jellyfish*

I stumbled across the MIT Admissions page somehow (I had been googling for something) and, after discovering that MIT lets NO ONE pass out of Chemistry (and that cyclobutane is not flat), got to their “Incoming Freshman Class Profile.”

49 States are represented.
49 Countries are represented.
South Dakota is the state NOT represented.

South Dakota and Minnesota are now my models of mediocrity. Or bad schools.

Caltech requires three terms of Physical Education. 8D And its website is so pretty–the colors complement one another without looking like a 2nd grader’s outfit and helpful menus load quickly (actually, everything loads quickly). Most of all, they say “de gustibus non est disputandam” to defend their apparently paltry dining selection. :-D


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  1. MIT also requires gym classes, but I think they offer things like “transcendental meditation” as phys ed classes. I do know that they MAKE you pass a swim test, and you absolutely can’t graduate if you don’t pass it.
    I don’t find Caltech’s website to be so pretty… maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

  2. Hahahaa. Swim test. I’ve failed those numerous times, in more than one state.
    And transcedental meditation? Pshaw. Imaginary (re^[theta]i) is far superior–it combines the transcedental and the rational.

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