Wow. It took me 90 minutes to something like 25 pages of notes. My pace has got to get better, or I’ll die in college.

(or I can simply not take history!)

Anyway–I’ve noticed that I can’t stand it when people bomb cities. Doesn’t matter if the victim of the bomb brutally tortured thousands of people like it was the Spanish Inquisition. Doesn’t matter if the victim tried to commit genocide. I would have no problems if I’d read that they all got flaming poison darts shot into their sensitive bits or run over by tanks and other heavy equipment or shot execution style.

But bombs! with fire! The Romans had two ideas of fire: fire the creater, and fire the destroyer. In the context of what history we study, fire is the destroyer of cities, the killer of civilization. It burns books like oppressive dictators; it slashes art like a Capital One pillager. Instruments–manuscripts–fire doesn’t care. And when nations use fire on civilian areas, particularly centers of civilization, they show that they don’t care either.

Harmy is choosing to ignore how they supposedly shorten wars, thus saving lives. some lives.